Error Message when booking appointment through bookings

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I have an issue were ALL who try to book an appointment get a "Please try again, something went wrong" message, but the booking is actually registered. As the customer can't see that the appointment is booked, they try again and get the same message.

How can this be fixed?booking error.PNG

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Same over here, suddenly stopped working. Although it only stopped working at 1 service.

The service offering service seems to have been corrupted. Did you possibly remove users from the calendar (long shot).

Easiest to recreate the service.

@Anders Wallin No we did not remove any users. But what we did do is because we needed every user in our admin portal to have two-factor they did remove 2 e-mail addresses that were created by Bookings. But that shouldnt have made a difference cause they were made for their own personal bookings page and that has been removed.

@Jesse_V I think this might have created a user. You should try creating a calendar again and keep the emails that get created by the system. This is what i would do i i would face same problem. 

@David_Moller Did you remove the email address field from the form? I learned the hard way that if you have your service enabled to send email confirmations or reminders, you must keep the email field on the Bookings form for the service, regardless of whether you require O365 sign-in. 

Hi @David_Moller ,

I have the same problem, did you fix it?

Thank you.



We too have had this experience.  It seems that if the Booking page is open for an extended time (10+ minutes) you will receive the error screen but the booking will still go through regardless of what service is selected.

@cornelljohioeduIt happens to me with page just open. I had to make a new calendar. Now I don't know how to delete the other calendar. :sad:

We are also having the same issue - we had thought it was more of a volume issue, because it seemed to be happening at peak times.  We had taken off quite a bit of information from our service page, so the customer should not be on the site for any great length of time.  We do have the reminder email set up and also the email is included on our service.  We have been monitoring the site more frequently to try and resolve the issue.SheilaB4904@tonovcp 



@David_Moller in my case, happened really now, I discover that I removed an account from the "Staff" panel. That staff account was enabled on all calendar service. Go on the calendar event, click modify, you see in the right place all the staff involved. I had "Deleted Staff" with check. Removed the check, everything works well.

I hope this could help you and other people.

Booking is a very useful tool, but there is very poor documentation and information around it.



@FabioColonnese we found the same thing but ultimately it was caused by a person being removed from the Staff and the individual Services not getting this update. If a customer chooses "Anyone" in the select staff dropdown, it was still pulling the former staff member's calendars and including this in the available times. When they submit and Bookings happened to choose the former staff member, the customer gets this error. They would continue to do so until they chose a specific person or a different time. In the actual Services, where you have to assign staff, it doesn't get the full update but gives no indication of this. Resaving all the Services clears it up.