Error Message when booking appointment through bookings

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Two customers have received the following error message when trying to book an appointment: "Please try again, something went wrong"


It seems random because only 2 out of about 10 ppl have had this problem so far- not sure what could be causing it. Error message pops up after you select appt, enter your info, and click “book”


Not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue, and what may be causing it?


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Hi Jessica,


thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

If your customer tries to book again it will work, nevertheless, this shouldn't happen to you. Could you please share with me your domain (the xxx from your so we can take a look in the backend?



Hi Gabriel,


We actually worked with Microsoft on this - they identified the cause of the error (programming error) and are currently workng on a fix which should be out by early October.


Thanks for your reply!



Great to hear Jessica! Thanks for letting me know


I am still facing the issue and it is December-2019

I have found the bug in MSBookings. The bug is due to EmailAddress field only.
If you are using custom field and not taking Email Address in the Booking Forms then the Error Occurs.
Microsoft need to spend time in details with MSBooking on EmailAddress Field, the field either should be non configurable for design user or Microsoft need to manage the display error.

Hi @someshb I am still experiencing this issue this morning with appointments. Does anyone have a fix for this ? we are able to create appointments on mobile devices but not on the laptop ?