Employees can not cancel bookings of customers

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Dear sir or madam,


I am using the current Bookings Template/UI (created a new one).

If a customer books an appointment via (public) Bookings-Portal,

the selected employee gets an email and a calendar entry.

So far so good.

If an employee cancels an appointment via its calendar entry (in Outlook),

then Bookings and the customer get no information about that.

So the employee thinks the appointment was canceled, and the customer still thinks the appointment stands. => Thats obvisouly bad.


Despite the customer beeing able to cancel the meeting via a link in its confirmation email,

the employee has no such link to cancel or reschedule it!

Therefore i ask the product team to fix this problem.

Best way would be if the employee also gets an link to manage the appointment (like the customer),

and if cancelation in the Outlook calendar would also be possible (like rescheduling a regular meeting is possible).

Thank you.

Kind regards!

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I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings' questions.


Great catch!  And thank you for sharing this functionality flaw.  Well, I don't think this functionality is a bug, but it's by Microsoft's design.


All Bookings appointments are managed in the Bookings app and not in Outlook. The Staff must cancel appointments in the Bookings calendar.


  • Navigate to the Bookings calendar and open the appointment you to want cancel
  • Press cancel


However, I agree that Bookings and Outlook need better integration to streamline management.  In the short term, I hope MS include a disclaimer in Outlook or provide a link in the confirmation as you had suggested.


Please add your requirement on Microsoft's feedback portal then post the link in this thread so others can vote. 


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Dear Teresa,

thank you for your reply.

The Booking-way does work as you mentioned.
But since employees are used to use Outlook calendar for meeting rescheduling and canceling,
the problem still will occure.
Therefore i opened the feedback portal entry as you suggested:

Kind regards!



I voted. :smile:


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Thank you and have a great day.


@Teresa_Cyrus Is there any solution to this? Also i have noticed that when the customer or the staff cancel the booking, bookings doesnt send out any cancel email.