EMEA customer cannot access Bookings page to schedule a service

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I saw in other forum postings that Bookings is available in Europe.  However, my sales team in EMEA is telling me that they cannot access the URL to schedule/Book a service.

In our use case...

  • sales team members are the "customer"
  • Pre-sales team members are the Staff in Bookings
  • Services offered are product demos

Sales/Customers need to access the booking page URL to select a service. 
My US based team can access the URL just fine.  Our sales team in EMEA/Italy or France cannot.  They get a blank browser page as a result.

Is Bookings truly available in EMEA? or India?

Do I need to modify the Booking page URL if its being used from EMEA or outside of the US?  

As I mentioned... our US based teams can access the URL just fine.

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I would suggest capturing a Fiddler trace and see what's going on. Regardless of where is the user accessing the page, it should load.
After contacting MS Support, their recommendation was to create a new Bookings business page. Something caused corruption with my first config. I created a new Business in Bookings and now customers in EMEA and India can load the page. MS Support could no provide any further info as to the root cause of the problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯