Emails for Group Bookings saying 'Hi Group Booking,' instead of inserting attendees names

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Has anyone else noticed the Reminder and Follow Up emails that go out for Group bookings have 'Hi Group Booking' Instead of being personalised to the user or Staff members name? (Pictured Below)





A small thing I know but it's one of many small things that make Bookings unprofessional to use.   I'm using bookings for internal L&D bookings. In a fast pace business and email not specific to the persons name will easily be missed/deleted as 'junk' by people trying to clear down their inbox. 


Anyone have any guidance on this - is there a setting to switch ? Or @Pernille-Eskebo can this be something that's looked into! 






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Hi @JessicaBenjamin 


I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


I do not know how often MS Bookings team review this forum. I recommend adding this bug/requirement to the Bookings feedback hub.  


A personalized message is important.