Email notifications persist

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I created a bookings page as an admin, all other users are viewers and guests. 


I have all notification settings for emails turned off, but I continue to receive emails for every single change in the calendar.


  • Additionally, the 'add time off" booking tab gives you no configuration options for notifications, so any change and you and your staff member will receive multiple notification emails about the same added time off booking.
  • Even with the notifications off, if you try to add a time off booking for a staff member who does not have a work provided Microsoft account. You will receive multiple undeliverable emails.
    • It should not be trying to send an email if the notifications are turned off.
    • I even tried making my own Time off booking entry as to try to disable the email notifications, which also did not work and the emails persisted even when the notifications selection had been unchecked. 
  • Please add a master notifications section to make all notifications configurable, and look into the broken email notification programming.  
  • I tried to add screenshots of the notification settings disabled in the booking page tab under default scheduling policy. As well as a screenshot of the notification settings disabled per individual service, but your forum highlighted the screenshots and wont allow me to post this feedback. After removing the screenshots, it is now saying I am "Post flooding" for trying to post after removing the highlighted screenshots of the issues. Saying I am frustrated is an understatement. 





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