Email Notification Missing View in Bookings Button

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I've noticed that the email notification our team members receive when a booking has been made with them does not enable them to see any information about the person who made the booking or the information they provided whilst booking.  When I looked online it appears that a 'view in bookings' button should appear in the email notification to our users, but it does not.  See screenshots below, first image is how it looks when our team member is notified via email, second is from a blog post showing a 'view in bookings' button:

How it actually looksHow it actually looks


image from blog postimage from blog post


Can you please advise:

1) if this view in bookings button can be enabled or has it been depreciated?

2) if this option is not available, how can the team member see the information provided by the person who made the booking?


Thank you

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Same problem.


I wish the info could be included directly in the notification. We ask clients what they want to talk about at the time of booking, and it's difficult to find that info, taking many clicks through the web app.