Editing the standard Confirmation Email and Removing New Booking Button

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We are utilising the bookings tool to arrange meetings with our teams.  These teams will have upto 10 people per calendar. When a customer rearranges the meeting using the reschedule the notifications for a cancellation go to the original team meber whilst the rebook goes to the team member now available to sit the meeting. 


This means our cancellation process is then followed by the team member who receives the cancellation message.  This causes problems as prospective accounts are then shut down before they have completed their onboarding. 


This is further made problem by the new booking button. Prospects will cancel a meeting then books a new one. Again this throws pout our process and leads to issues with our reporting and actions. 


Ideally we want

  • to ensure that customers can reschedule or cancel a booking only. 
  • remove the new booking button
  • notification s of rebooks go to both the old team member and the new team member who has now been assigned the call. 

Having read through various posts it appears the only way is to change bookings manually. This is not a very good work around as it is adding complexity to what should be a simple task. 


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