Edit client confirmation emails on bookings

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It appears Microsoft have just done an update so that all fields entered during booking are now showing on the confirmation email. 
we use the bookings system for medical appointments and don’t want all the information submitted by the clinician included on the confirmation email (which it didn’t use to!). Is there a way to edit which fields are included in the confirmation email? We still need the client to receive one. 

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Hi @Victoria1900,


I am an independent advisor responding to TechCommunity inquiries.


Thanks for the heads up that the Bookings additional fields are added to the confirmation.  I know many users have requested this capability in the Bookings feedback portal but I did not see it on the roadmap with a rollout date. 


Here are my thoughts. The Bookings app was designed as a self-scheduler for external clients, patients, students, etc. which frees up the staff members from scheduling appointments. Since the client is completing the form with their answers to the questions, it appears that MS figured to include the client's response in the confirmation. 


I recommend that you give Microsoft your requirements of having the flexibility to include or exclude the appt questionnaire responses in the confirmation. Here is the link to the Bookings feedback portal