Duplication of Appointments on MS Bookings

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Hi Everyone,


Hoping someone can help.

I have created a service, and within it - one appointment with one location and one time availability. I've set a limit of '10 people' for this appointment. E.g. - "Test meeting" at "Test Location" at "2pm".

I've shared one link with people to sign up.

There is no option for people to choose staff for this appointment - I have allocated staff and not allowed the option of picking staff.


Somehow upon signing up, there has occurred a duplication of appointments. I have some people signing up to the original appointment I created, and others being booked into duplicates, which creates a new link for staff's calendars. Now I have staff with 3x calendar appointments for the exact same time, location and title, and different people signed up within them! It's ridiculous!!


Please can someone help me get to the bottom of this. Where have I gone wrong to create this monstrosity... 

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