Display upcoming dates on calendar overview.

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Hello, I couldn´t find any information about this issue although it is small. I set up services for my colleagues, and everything works. I copied it but for some reason, the overview is displayed differently.

Some services show the box with upcoming appointments others don´t.





Is there a setting I haven´t found yet?


Addendum: I see now that only the following month is displayed, this is really inconvenient because we have services that start in August, for example. 

The other problem: There is no overview of customers and bookings only in the appointment itself. I would like to export the customers with booked services. So far no solution found.



Thank you! BW



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@ConnySBG The upcoming appointments list at service level is limited to the appointments booked in the next 30 days range only. For appointments beyond that, they need to be checked in the calendar view.


For exporting the appointment related data, please use the CSV report that can be exported from the calendar view.