Disable auto-scroll in calendar view

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Can you disable autoscroll in calendar view?


What a horrible feature. Every time the mouse cursor is near the top or bottom of the page, it auto-scrolls all the way up or all the way down. It seems to only happen when selecting a calendar item, and if you have "view-only" access to the calendar, you cannot click in the empty space of the calendar to unselect items because you cannot create new items, so auto-scroll is always active.


What other Microsoft application has auto-scroll like this? If it can't be a toggled option, it should just be removed entirely.

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Agree 100%, really wish I could turn this off. I hope someone provides guidance on how to disable it.
This is the first time it has happened to me and it is driving me insane!

I agree with what's been said. What an inconvenient feature. I will say that the auto-scrolling is happening on my end, even on my own calendar, to which I obviously have all viewing privileges. So it's very confusing. It also happens whether a calendar item is selected or not. It seems like it's an Outlook update or recent glitch, since complaints about this are only from July 2024... It just started doing it to me today... I searched for "auto-scroll" and just "scroll" in the calendar settings, and no results were found to adjust this feature... So fun! Fingers crossed Microsoft responds. @dan-kristsensen 

After updating, I immediately noticed this issue as well. Not only does it auto-scroll on the top and bottom edges of the calendar, but it also erroneously scrolls when hovering over the "Month" view snap-in on the left. This makes it very irritating to click on early dates in the month.

For all the folks who are stuck with this issue, switching my calendar view after the update seems to have disabled the autoscroll for all calendar views. We'll see if I have to do it every time I start Outlook fresh.


It's horrendous, but appears Microsoft says this is working as now expected with no ability to disable.

Feedback about this frustration just posted on their forum, please upvote or add to it!

I agree 100%
MS please fix this!


For me, it was switching to the Month view that turned off the auto-scrolling. Switching back to work week view, the scrolling remain stopped.