Difference between Outlook Calendar and Booking hours


I'm trying to use Booking to make appointments from customers at times when there is availability on my Outlook calendar. It seems to work all right, but there seems to be a difference of one hour less between my calendar and the one that uses booking. I am working with the GMT + 1 time zone in Rome (Italy). Could it depend on the active daylight savings time in Italy? Or could it be due to the fact that Booking uses another GMT? Thanks for the help.

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Yes I have the same issues,  I believe it could be BST or day light saving but they should be the same at the mo.


Booking a meeting in Booking - the invite in the users calendar is one hour later.


Do you manage to fix it.


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Hi Maurizio, can you please tell me how is possible to set as source for booking hours from Outlook Calendar?

HI,  We have a similar use case.  I think I solved this problem.  

Our use case:

  • Our global sales team is our "customer" who will schedule/book a service
  • Our global presales team is our "Staff" in Bookings

I am based in US Central Timezone.  My staff are located all over in various time zones. To get this working, it is important to configure each staff member with their own "working hours".  

A Staff member is based in Paris France.  Their working hours are 09:00-18:00 in their local timezone. Since I am based in US Central time and I am admin for Bookings, when I am editing a staff member's working hours I must enter the hours as the time for my timezone.

Paris time zone is CET/CEST and the hours of 9:00-18:00 there correlate to 2:00am-11:00a US Central time. 
So I enter the hours as shown:

Now when you try to book that person for a service, the Bookings Page URL will show the available hours for that person correctly for their timezone's normal working times.

I also found this web site to be very helpful to show the proper hours for each timezone: https://savvytime.com/converter/ct-to-cet