Deleting a bookings calendar

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How do I delete a Bookings calendar? I need to rid of a few and for some reason this is not an easy thing to do 

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I agree! It should be a simple thing to do!
You need to delete booking user from admin/user/active/user

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I want to include some additional clarity regarding the Booking Calendar deletion.


The Bookings calendar is an actual mailbox very similar to your Outlook Calendar. It is assigned to an email address like a user. Therefore, the Booking calendar must be deleted through the MS365 Admin Center or PowerShell by design.  Your IT Administrator (not the Booking Administrator/organizer) is the only person who can delete a mailbox/user.  Once deleted, all its content is permanently gone. 


From my experience, most companies prefer that the IT Admin Team manages this activity.  Also, there may be top level approval processes to ensure a mailbox/user deletion. 

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