Deleted Booking calendars still showing up in recently opened calendar's list

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When having access to multiple Bookings calendars, you can open these via the dropdown menu next to the name of the Booking calendar in the Bookings UI (by clicking the downward arrow next to the calendar's name).

This dropdown shows an option to create a new Booking calendar, open an existing one, and a list of 5 most recently used opened Booking calendars.


Via this list, I noticed it is possible to still (kind of?) 'open' a deleted Bookings calendar, yielding very strange result: 

  • when initially selected, an calendar view is shown in the right frame. It looks like this is the actual calendar view from the deleted calendar, but it seems this is the calendar from the one previously opened (that is cached somehow?). For example, the employee list under 'Filters' is the one from the last agenda opened and not from the deleted one.
  • when clicking 'settings' -> 'company data' there is an error message saying to enter a company name, and empty settings fields are shown for the company data. It is possible to enter data but not to save it. Next to the inactive save button, there is a another button active, which does nothing when clicked.
  • however, the 'settings' -> 'services' and 'employees' options show the options panels configured for the last recently opened agenda


This is very counter-inuitive and confusing to the user, as the deleted calendar should either just no longer show up in the 'recently opened calendars' list, OR give an appropriate error message when clicking it (eg. 'This calendar has been deleted' or 'This calendar is no longer accessible' or even '404 Calendar not found').

The calendar was deleted via the Admin center and I can reproduce this problem long after the calendar was deleted, after multiple signout & signins. 


Does anyone else have this problem? This is really a UI bug imo. How do I report this to Microsoft Bookings dev team?

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@fiterbek Yes, this is happening to us. This confused our Staff , they were able to make Copies of their calendars creating an even bigger mess. 

Thank you for your reply! It's good to know we are at least not the only ones seeing this buggy behaviour.
How can we report this to the Bookings dev team?

@fiterbek Same Issue here.

Did you find a solution for this problem?
It is interesting that the calendar no longer appears in the old view. In the new view, however, the calendar appears.

@ErolKno, not at all.

Interesting to see this does not happen in the 'old version' Bookings UI. This most definitely points in the direction of a bug or inaccurate implementation of caching the LRU list.

Thank you for the feedback @fiterbek and sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a known problem which we have now fixed but the world wide rollout is going to take some time in this case. The fix should be availble world wide before the end of this quarter. Thanks for your patience!

If you would need to reach out to the Bookings product team in future, you can continue using this channel or use the in-product option (screenshot below) to submit feedback. Thanks!




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A bit late, since the Bookings team already developed a fix for this issue, but I made a video explaining in detail the cause of this behavior and how to fix this right now. The video demonstrates a technique that can be used while investigating other types of issues, so I think that your time won't be wasted if you watch it.
I had this happen - (I was getting the error "please narrow your search and try again) I don't know how this fixed my problem but it did. I created a new booking calendar/site as a test - and then for some reason I was able to open the booking site that wouldn't open.
"Please narrow your search and try again" is what appears in open booking mailbox picker after booking mailboxes search returns too many results.

Should this happen even if you put in the full name or name and address  ie.  name@.....  @Victor Ungureanu 

No, it shouldn't happen in this case because you narrowed down the search.
Thanks for your feedback! It is good to know a general fix is under way.
Thanks, it is definitely useful to see how Bookings works in the background and how to fix the problem now if it occurs while the fix is not yet rolled out to our tenant. Much appreciated!
Has this been rolled out yet? Still a major problem and makes using Bookings untenable.
Dunno why the Microsoft Product has so many bugs. I have faced the same issue with SharePoint and after contacting the support (for a couple of weeks) The engineer suggests to delete the cache as the video suggests.

So for anyone wanted to use this command, here is some command that he uses.

1. Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -RequiredVersion 3.1.0 (if you never install)
2. Connect-ExchangeOnline
3. Login
4. Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails scheduling
5. Get-MailboxUserConfiguration -Mailbox -Identity Configuration\* | Out-GridView -PassThru
6. Remove-MailboxUserConfiguration -Mailbox -Identity Configuration\IPM.Configuration.OWA.ViewStateConfiguration