Default fields showing until service is selected

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My bookings page uses some of the default data fields (name and email) and then has other custom fields. However, when loading up the bookings page, the default screens all appear on screen until the user selects a service, at which point the screen display changes to show the correct fields. 

I assume this is because custom fields are set at service level as opposed to the entire booking system level. Is there a way to configure the entire page without it being at service level so that the default fields are not visible on loading the page?

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It's been a few months since this was posted, but has anyone found a way to fix this? I've removed the address field from all services but it still appears on the booking page when no service is selected and it causes confusion with users.

@leerempel I didn't find a solution to it. If there is only 1 service the issue doesn't happen, it's just when there are multiple to choose from, so if you have any way of only offering one service via the Bookings system it would get rid of the problem but I suspect most users of this functionallity have more than one service.