Daylight Saving Time in MS Bookings?

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We have about 40 bookings calendars throughout our organization and all of them open the booking 3 days in advance. This upcoming Saturday evening is Daylight savings time and so Sunday has already opened for individuals to book appointments. Our earliest available appointment is 8:00 AM, however our customers are seeing 7:00 AM options this upcoming Sunday because bookings is not respecting the time change when it displays 11/1 reservation options. 


I'm not sure where to fix this or if this is a known bug. My searches haven't found anything and I'm wary to advise my team to alter the bookable hours for fear it would become an issue again AFTER the clocks have changed. 


Anybody got some insights?

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I don't know if you still need help on this. I also just encountered this problem and fixed it using this article:


Set your timezone in MS Bookings --> Booking screen. Like I needed to keep my bookings consistent in EST converting into EDT. I set the timezone as EST and now its automatically picking up the changed time.