CustomQuestionAnswers property "Answer" has just dissappeared from PowerAutomate flows!

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On August 23rd 2023, somewhere between 11:00 and 12:30 EET, PowerAutomate runs that use the "When a appointment is Created" trigger, have failed.


Upon inspection it seems that the CustomQuestionAnswers -output, no longer contains the "Answer" property.

The CustomQuestionAnswers -output from the last known working run:



The CustomQuestionAnswers -output from the each following unsuccessful  run:



Has something been updated in this trigger? How can I get the "Answer" property back?

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I tried to remake the flow and got the old "The response is not in a JSON format." error.

Has this PowerAutomate connector been updated recently? Can the update be rolled back, fixed and re-released?

I agree about rolling back. It is causing major problems. Our flow now is a mess. All the data we transfer from Bookings to Excel is useless right now.

I managed to make a workaround, although it's nowhere near as tidy as just having the "answer" item available.



Any news on if or when the "Answer" item will be available again?