Customized "Meeting hours" per staff member/ different every week

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Hi All,


I really would love to use bookings, but one limitation really makes it impossible for me and I wonder if anyone can think of a workaround:

People should be able to book 90min slots with 3 different staff on one bookings page. But I do not want to allow them to book all times that are free in peoples calendars, I want them to be only able to book the 90 min slots that each staff specifically offers for that service. 

I thought about using each staff members working hours as a work around and only put in these slots as working hours. But I can't do it differently for different weeks, if  use that as workaround it would be the same time every Monday, the same time every Tuesday. But I want to offer: 


Staff A:

20th Jan 10:00-11:30 and 14:00-15:30

21st Jan 11:00-12:30

24th Jan 13:00-14:30

27th Jan 16:00-17:30

and so on. random slots.


Does anyone see an option or a workaround for this?


Thank you!

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