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We have a bookings site with one "staff" and one service with a duration of 15 minutes. The service can be booked by up to 4 participants per time slot. As a custom field, visitors have to enter their license plate, so we can check their registration at the entrance.


With the current implementation of multi-participant services, it's very cumbersome to get an overview of all the data. To get an list of the license plates, we need to open each 15 minute block, and then open each participant's details individually.


In the outlook calendar, it doesn't show any participant data, and tells us to log into the bookings control panel.


Is there a way to get an overview of all bookings for the day, with the data of all participants? Or can this only be achieved through custom development, using the Graph API?


Thank you for your feedback.

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@tdgroote  Hi We had a similair issue. The way around it would be is to make the booking a single attendee service and assign 4 "staff" members to this. This makes each booking a one to one, so you will get the information in the calendar.



Thank you for your suggestion.

I first tried the MS Graph API approach, but apparently this data is not yet available through the API. I'll try your suggestion next.