Customer Information not showing up on Bookings

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Our bookings are not showing the names of the customers who are booking them from the bookings app. This is problematic as we don't have the information showing in the calendar on who the meetings are with. I don't see much online on how to fix this. 


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@alisonsimplelifehomes did anyone come back to you with a solution to this issue ? I have the same one. Thanks 

I have the same exact issue.

@alisonsimplelifehomes  @Timp123 @magliok 


The name and other fields with the client's responses now appear in the confirmation. Please allow for rollout throughout September and October 2022. 


I have received these changes already.


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Hi Teresa,

IWe are still having this issue? May you please advise how we can show the booking name instead of just 'busy'?




sorry, it just says 'bentley tour' is there a way to display the guest name on this screen too?

I'm wondering about this too. Otherwise, all the meeting names look the same!

Hi @bentleygonvillehotel and @theafrcan 


I apologize for the delay.  I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


My guess is the ability to display the user's name is still on Microsoft's backlog. Please add this request to Microsoft's feedback portal. Then add the link to this thread so others can vote. (You will get my vote.)


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