Customer Information Fields: phone number, address and notes blocked - not able to include them

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Hi, I am trying to create a booking service to include the 'Customer Notes' field and I cannot tick (or therefore require) any of the fields (I am only able to tick customer email).

How can I activate the other fields?

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Capture 2.JPG


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Hi @TRG123,


It's a bit unintuitive but on the left hand side you can see a selection circle that will allow you to toggle whether or not the field is required. I believe the left hand side is to simply add the field to your Bookings page and the right hand side is merely to set it as a required field.


Hope this helps!

@haoduong Hi, Thanks! unfortunately the 'phone number,' 'customer address' and 'customer notes' left hand side selection circles are blocked/ I cannot select them. I can only tick or untick the 'customer email' field. How can I change the settings to unblock the selection circle and tick the other fields?