Customer Confirmation Email is missing WHO (what staff member was assigned to them)

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The confirmation email sent to the customer is missing the "WITH/WHO" in the booking details.  This used to happen and then stopped.  We have 2 staff members conducting the same type of meeting. Customers choose the day/time that works best and then a staff member is assigned.  Have tried everything to get this back.  Did remove that?  Would not be logical to not offer it anymore since you have the option to have staff members assigned based on availability.  I have already deleted and recreated the event in hopes it was a glitch - but it is not.  PLEASE HELP. Customers need to know who they are assigned to.  I have examples (Word Doc) of the email confirmation with WHO and without WHO.  We started seeing the WITH/WHO missing around 3/15, prior to that we had the WHO in the confirmation. 

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Can you share the word doc here, don't have the access. Ideally, it should not happen, I tried to create a booking, and here is the screenshot of the email:



I'm having the same issue with my Bookings Service


Also having, what looks to be, the same issue. When we book through our link the custom data is now appearing on the calendar. However if we edit it, the details are there but then the customer name disappears.

From calendar:

no customer info.JPG

edit info there.JPG