Customer cant cancel or reschedule appointment

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Multi-Person appointment. Im getting the confirmation email on another PC with no logged in Microsoft Account (same also on my main machine with incognito tab).


Customer clicks cancel and approves the popup that he's sure. Gets an error essentially saying that a booking could not be made (when he tries to cancel).


When customer tries to reschedule he always gets 


Meaning someone else was faster and took the timeslot. Which can't be true since im the only person knowing so far of our bookings page, also I tried different times and even other staff.


High impact: Customer cant cancel or reschedule

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Additional information : The option in the service to let the customer cancel or reschedule was DISABLED. Still the email he received offered him to do these things. We re-testet with service and enabled option and the customer can sueccessfully redschedule or cancel. So the Email the customer gets when its DISABLED needs to be adjusted.
Was this appointment created using the self-schedule Bookings page or from the Bookings admin calendar? The option to disable the customer to cancel/reschedule is applicable only when the appointment is booked from the admin calendar. If it is booked from the self-schedule page then the customer will always receive the reschedule link.

The cancel appointment failing does it happen for all the appointments / all the time?
Can you please DM me your self-schedule bookings page link?



Yeah. That restriction is known and documented. But the case was : He booked with selfservice page and in all cases still gets the links in his email to cancel and re-schedule. However when it was set to "Not allow" in the service (which shouldn't have impact since this settings should only change calendar booked) he could click on his link in the email and got the error I reported here.


Anyways, seems it has been stealth-fixed in the meanwhile. Changelogs or an Issuetracker would be such a handy thing. But Microsoft instead continues to rename stuff, put it elsewhere, break it, stealth fix it, then restarts the "how to annoy the admins"-process again and again.

So this can be closed ... for now.

It happened again, detailed walkthrough of my steps are in

Think you can reproduce it if you go to address removed for privacy reasons


Choose Baba Test Service and book as second Attende for this date :

Donnerstag, Juli 11, 2024
11:00 (30 Minuten)
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Then try to cancel from the email you get.