Customer add addtional invitees on Booking Page

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We are using Bookings to allow clients to schedule time with our team. We would like to have the abilitiy for our client contact to invite additional team members from their company to the appointment with our team.  Looking for a way for the customer to invite other email addresses to the final calendar appointment on the booking page.

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@tatesmithWY I spent the last month on the internet trying to figure out if this was possible, and now I find out that it is not. Wish I knew this before phasing out Calendly :( Every other booking software has the possibility to register additional people to a meeting, but Bookings does not, which means that customers only have the possibility to see e.g. the agenda and timeslots from me and my colleague, but still have to schedule a meeting themselves because several other people from the team need to join which is not really customer friendly.