customer able to cancel entire booking event

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I use MS Bookings to run my Training session. Each session is a group booking for up to 6 people. I am the only "Staff" member in the bookings environment. One of the attendee appears to have somehow cancelled their booking and also cancelled the entire event from the bookings system. How can I find out if other people were booked onto it now who have been cancelled too. I've checked and the booking has disappeared from the system. 

Also, strangely, the emails notifying me of the cancellations have spelled "cancelled" incorrectly: "canceled"

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@TejaswiniChonkar315  We had that last year too... it seems to be that the first person who books into the session cancels the entire session if they cancel their slot. We have worked round it by adding an extra space and then booking the first slot ourselves with a personal email address to remove the chances of any one attending the event cancelling the entire thing.
I know that doesn't help your immediate problem, but I hope it helps with a work around for future events