Custom length range for bookings and number of bookings limit for customers

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My organization has started to roll out the Microsoft Bookings app. However our department has some specific scheduling limitations and rules. One being our appointments can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Is this feature in development? We also have a limitation on 2-3 hours of appointments per "Service" a week. this is another very important feature we would need to be able to use this app. This is also dependent on customer attributes.




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@Kurt_Simpson Although that functionality isn't available in the default settings the workaround would be to create a service called "30 - 60 minute service", make the time for this service 30 minutes and then add the option "Buffer time" after the appointment for 30 minutes. The booking will then be 1 hour in the engineer calendar but 30 minutes in the customer agenda with the option to run over. 

This is a very specific request so I don't know if that would ever be added to Bookings. 


For the limitation on the 2-3 hours of "service appointments" the only workaround is to set these available hours in the employee availability. (So engineer 1 will only be bookable on monday morning, engineer 2 on monday afternoon, etc). Another option is that in the booking tool you can assign the appointment to another engineer. 


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