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We recently switched to Bookings with Teams Meetings... but we're having an issue with the calendar events showing up on our staff's calendars.  The event doesn't include any of the customer's information or custom field information.  How can we get it to include the customer information in the calendar events?

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I am seeing the same thing.  I think there is a bug as Bookings was not doing this before.

@Radhika_Khetan_MSFT are you able to look at this. I noticed that any booking created since the end of June has this problem. The email shows the name of the person booking the appointment. However, the calendar object is missing the name and all other information. Very difficult to know who I am meeting with.

@PiconDesigns it looks like this is a bug caused by MS Teams.  My services included a Teams meeting.  Even when I remove, the problem still exists.  However, if I create a new service and do not enable Teams meeting the notes and customer details come through again.

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@PiconDesigns nevermind, that last thought.  It looks to be caused by "Multiple Attendees" setting.  And, if you have set to 2 or greater, you can change it, but never go back to 1.  Again, re-create service with 1 attendee only as a work around.

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I am having the same problem. I have custom questions required, but I cannot see the responses to the custom questions - including the meeting location - it is a problem. I have multiple attendees on, so I can meet with a group and they can all put it on their calendars, but this is NOT helpful. Is it being worked on?