Custom Color Dialog in Bookings is faulty

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When trying to save my Booking page I get a dialog that says "Please make sure that the custom colour values are in the format : #123456."

After a bit of testing it seems that the dialog will literally only accept numbers, meaning the characters a-f won't work. Given that the custom colors I want to use include white (#ffffff) that seems a pretty fundamental flaw. 

This was working, until I made an unrelated change to the bookings page this morning and it refused to save.

Any suggestions?

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Same thing happening here as well. 

@Bill_MillsDitto here.  Not willing to test the numbers-only thing because I don't want to lose our custom colours, which are dictated by corporate.  Hopefully MS will fix this ASAP.

I'm having the same issue.  Have you gotten anyone from Microsoft to respond? @Nick_Ellis 


We had the same problem, but now it seems to be resolved today

Confirmed@_MichaelVD_ , issue seems to have been resolved.



I noticed the same problem on a newly created bookings-calendar when trying to set the hex code to #000000.

but the next morning, when I tried to change the hex code (also to #000000) it worked.


Could it be an issue of time? And only affects bookings-calendars created less than x-hours ago?