Created bookings, accidentally assigned myself as "Team Member", lost admin ability

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This morning, I created a new Bookings profile. I added myself and forgot to change my status from "Team Member" to "Administrator". I do not have access to that bookings page anymore to add staff and edit services. Can anyone help? 

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@edeward, to my knowledge that can only be done via the Exchange Admin center. Don't know if you have (global) admin rights there?


@edeward Could you resolve this issue? It seems as if this happens, the only solution is to create another Booking Page and start from scratch.

Hi. Had anyone found out if that issue had been resolved? I think I did the same thing but not quite sure how. @jcarballo1993 

Hey there - didn't get too much help, no... one reply about the "Exchange Admin Center" may be on to something. Otherwise, it might be best to start from scratch or copy if possible. Sorry, I wish I could be more help!