Created a new business and now can't access my other one.

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When I created the new business per the app drop down under the name of my current one, I expected to be able to toggle back and forth between them. I cannot get back to the original. It still works and allows people to book appointments but I can't get to it to be able to administrate or update it. How do I open its Admin view/access?

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You can only have one open at a time. Click that little drop down arrow next to the name of business 2>Select Open>Click on the box that says: "Enter the name of the booking calendar" and enter the name of business 1 

One work around I did was having 1 business open in edge and another opened in chrome. You could also open one in an incognito browser too 

@SchoolSupport Yes. Thank you. I finally figured it out that 'Open' didn't mean open a new one but open an existing one.