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I would like to set up separate bookings calendars for each of our sales reps so I can configure all the settings for them and access them from my login, but then add them under staff as an administrator of the calendar so they can manage.


I have created a calendar and added my staff member, but how do I change my membership status so it no longer shows "bookable". I want this calendar to sync only with my sale rep's Office 365 Outlook calendar and not show mine.

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@aleciat did you ever figure this out? I really would like to do the same thing. Anyone from Microsoft around? @Gabriel Valdez Malpartida maybe?

@amyjeskoI created the calendar under my Admin login and added the sales rep under Staff with the Administrator role. Then under the Service details, I deselected my name under Assign staff, so that only the rep's calendar is bookable. This seems to work fine.



@aleciat yeah I ended up doing that too - it does work but unfortunately my calendar is still pulled up in the view on the Calendar tab. I did also turn off the sync for my calendar within the reps' accounts which means at least they don't see any of my appointments, but...the view is still there. Not a huge deal but annoying and I wish I could turn that off.

@amyjeskoI see what you mean--mine shows there too. We really don't use the Calendar page within Bookings. We just share the published Booking page and then the sales rep can see anything that is scheduled in their Outlook calendar. It would be helpful if the creator of the calendar didn't have to be listed as "Bookable" on the staff details page. I selected "day off" by each day under my availability and deselected all checkboxes. Not sure that did anything, but it was an attempt for me to not have availability shown on calendar.

@aleciat if you just uncheck the "Events on Office 365 calendar affect availability" on the admin staff member (i.e. yourself) then that seems to have the same effect. As far as I can tell though, using the calendar page is the only way to reschedule booked appointments - it doesn't work through the Outlook calendar. That's the only real reason it might be necessary, is for schedule changes.

@aleciat I also have this issue.

I am setting this up in a healthcare setting for telehealth (covid19 world...) and want to only show our clinicians as bookable with myself as the Tech support and the department's admin staff having administrator rights but not bookable! we don't want me and 5 clerical staff's calendars showing even though I know we can configure the service to have the clinicians listed as available for the service itself.

would be good to have a reply!

Wow it has been a year with no real answer to this issue. I am having the same issue how do i remove myself as being bookable and showing on the calendar.

@aleciat I found a way to do this:

- Go to the booking calendar as an admin

- In the staff area click edit on your admin user

- In the membership information box click "re-send" 

- When you receive your email click the "manage membership" button

- Click the "stop membership" button

When you go back to the booking site, and refresh the staff page, you will still be an administrator, however you will no longer be bookable. Hope this helps.

@Callum21950I tried your steps, but when I click the Manage Membership button in the notification email, I don't have a Stop Membership option. This is the screen I see--doesn't have any links other than Sign Out at the bottom.

Screenshot 2020-12-15 113655.png

@aleciat In the staff section do you have these unticked?



(troubleshooting here because seems odd I have the option but you don't)

A really scruffy alternative would be to make another user an admin, delete your staff account, then add you again as an admin, which would mean you get the email again to confirm you wanted to join the calendar, but if you ignore that, you should still be able to access the booking calendar as an admin.

@Callum21950Yes, I have those unticked on my listing under staff. I tried to delete myself under staff and then add myself back as administrator. It generates the same email and automatically adds me back to the calendar as Bookable. It seems I don't have a choice as whether or not to join, rather I'm automatically added.

@aleciat Is that the case for all administrators, or just the creator? May be that a process for a service account to create the Booking site's going forwards is the only option.


Alternatively I think we may have preview, so Microsoft may have fixed the issue, and it's just not propagated through to you yet

@Callum21950We aren't on preview, so maybe the problem will work itself out over time. Thanks for your help!