Create Booking without Staff Member Allocation

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I want to create an appointment which exists at a specific time and place, but is not 'connected' to any member of staff. The idea being that the appointment is in a specific time and place, but any member of staff could be manually assigned to that slot (outside of the Bookings system). How would I go about doing this? In addition, the appointment booker may bring other persons (as a number not names added in a Custom Field) to the appointment and I have been able to add a place for this previously, but this number of persons does not show up on any exported reporting (which I do by printing to a PDF rather than exporting to Excel). How can I get this Custom Field number to show up in, say, the 'Print detailed agenda'?

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Great idea! A pool of bookings that any staff could pick up. What I might try is removing the staff assigned once booked which will slot the booking into a "No staff" status. As far as getting custom field info situated on the "Print detailed agenda" you would need to license the shared mailbox, log in with those credentials and use Power Automate to update the event. Until we get a connector to Bookings in Power Automate you will need the shared mailbox account unfortunately.

@Noah Sparks Thanks, Noah.


This is definitely a way forward for us as we require a booking appointment service more than we need an assigned person service. I'm interested in the no staff assignment status, I didn't even know this existed. I presumed that the booking disappeared from the calendar if there was no assignee. Regarding the exported report, I'm simply looking for the option to have the value of a custom field returned in the standard vue, even before any exporting. I do get this in the Excel Export, but this means as people dynamically update their booking, someone has to keep exporting to Excel in order to maintain an updated tally of values from the custom field. We have over 800 staff (potential bookers).