Create a Bookings "Time Off" event from Outlook calendar

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I'm trying to create Bookings "Time Off" events from Outlook, so that staff can request leave with a manager approval process which is then updated in the Bookings calendar.

The event created in Outlook does not appear in Bookings app as "Time Off" and therefore allows a service to be booked at the same date/time as the "Time Off" event.

The Outlook calendar event for 24/06/22 shows up in the Bookings calendar in "Blue" compared to the "Time Off" event created inside Bookings which is in Orange.

The Outlook calendar is set to "Out of Office" status.


Can "time off" events in the Booking app be created from Outlook calendar?


Outlook Calendar Event.JPGBookings Calendar.JPG

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@sxa1105 Have you tried to use "Events on Office Calendar affects availability? This feature can be found in MS Bookings, Edit Staff


Yes this setting is turned on already.  The "new booking" is not considering events already in the staff's own calendar?

I'm suffering the same issue as @sxa1105. Events created in my personal calendar aren't showing up in the booking calendar even though my account has the "Events on Office 365 calendar affect availability" enabled. Extremely frustrating as I keep getting conflict meetings which means I can't use Bookings until this is fixed.