Create a booking with no staff assigned

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I am trying to create an appointment in booking under the no staff option, but there is no option to remove staff or create one with no assigned staff or staff group



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@NV_1231960 you should be able to create / edit an appointment from Bookings admin calendar view ( to create an appointment without assigning a staff or by unassigning a staff from an existing appointment.


If your ask is about creating an appointment from self-schedule Bookings page without assigning a staff, that is not possible today.




Sorry Babu, this scenario does not work. The reason is that, in the beginning, you have to assign staff to the Service. And unfortunatelly, the staff on Service is ordered alphabetically. And, since ZERO staff setting for Appointment is not an available choice, the system chooses the first alphabetic member of staff when creating an Appointment. But I do not want this staff to be the assigned, it is the wrong member. I need another, who is alphabetically second/third...

Suggestion 1: allow creating appointments with ZERO staff - ideal solution
Suggestion 2: if S1 not possible, allow to adjust the order the staff on the Service and, during creating Appointment for the Service, assign the first member based on the order of staff on the Service.
Suggestion 3: document the logic, how assigning staff is influenced by various types of Service, Service settings, Staff settings, Customer settings. It is not possible for me to easily understand how it works now