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Hi everyone, 

We want to use bookings on our company's website so that our interested parties can schedule an online meeting. 
The whole thing is embedded via an iframe. We also work with GoogleAds campaigns and of course would like to track whether they also trigger conversions and, if so, which campaigns. Unfortunately, tracking via the URL is not possible because Bookings does not redirect to a "thank you page" or sth similar. Pixelation / Event tracking does not work. Hence my question: Does anyone have experience with how conversion tracking works with the embedded booking page?

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I would also be interested in this

If you've stumbled across this thread, please visit this URL and vote for the addition of a post booking redirect so that conversion tracking can be implemented smoothly!

@Cabus I am also desperate for a solution to this issue! Were you able to work a solution?

@DaniDuDigital@Cabus @pbailey1105

We use Calendly ($12) as a solution with the connection to Outlook365. There you can set the tracking for each step.



Interesting, thanks for sharing!


Back in July I did look into Calendly and also tried out however YCBM used Zoom as the online meetings... and we like to use Teams. I've just looked at Calendly and see that since October they offer Teams integration! Might do a trial and check it out. 

Many thanks, I'd already discounted it but it might actually work! :)