Configure MS Team with MS Booking

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Hi All


I had completed my setup with MS Bookings, it helps me to get the appointment fixed but I am unable to find that how I can ask people to join if I am setting up meeting online using my MS Team account, I did not find that after successful registration of booking there is no invite through which people can join it, I need to send MS Teams meeting separately to them to join on MS Team.


Is there any way that once people confirm their booking MS Booking send them URL to join that meeting over Team?



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*BUMP* Yes, this would be awesome MS... can someone please respond?

Is there any updates? @Monty67 Did you hear back from MS? 

@JayPelk ... :lol::lol::lol: I wish... 

@Monty67 Thanks for the reply. It's crazy that it's not done yet. Seems like it would be a priority for MS 

@JayPelk Exactly, it would be really awesome to have these tools integrated into one another so that we can make the best use of Microsoft App Ecosystem.


Currently, I am using a combination of MS Bookings and Zoom for sharing the invite which is really painful.

@shyamktripathi  Agreed, Bookings should allow for the option to select the meeting type. In our case it states that Skype is the meeting when we are actually in TeamsOnly mode and don't even use Skype.

I think the difficulty is that the meeting invitation is sent by the Bookings mailbox and not the mailbox of the assigned staff member, which means it's not using the meeting settings and options and you would have to send a separate invitation to include those. Definitely something that could use improvement.

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@PeterDeagon Thanks for the update mate.... Really happy to see both these tools integrated.