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When searching for bookings calendars with the bookings 0365 portal the other calendars do not appear for other staff members. Why can't staff members get access to the same bookings' resources so they can each modify the services if they're already a staff with the administrator role?

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Just an update... I have an open ticket with Microsoft to fix several issues I found during my testing with Microsoft Bookings. One was to fix the HEX branding issue. Whereas before it only allowed numeric entries. Now I can use the correct HEX alphanumeric code for my company. Next, we discovered an issue where booking calendars would not appear for peer staff in the 'open' and search option. They fixed that issue on their side. I'm currently still working on an issue that email notifications are not getting delivered to customers outside of a o365 mailbox. i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc... So it looks like my issues were on the Microsoft side of the house. 

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Hi Derek - Just to confirm, you are now able to use the open/search feature to access the other calendars for which you are an administrator?  We have been struggling with this issue and it has not been addressed.


Thanks! Jill



Sorry for the delay.. I missed this one. Yes, I had to open a ticket with Microsoft and they did 'something' on their side and it fixed all my UI issues. 


Example: HEX code validation error and seeing peer bookings accounts


The email notification issue was something I had to fix on our side dealing with the default domain settings. They did sunset the payment options though. So that was a disappointment.