Cloned booking page and availability update?

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Hi there, I created a booking page used to reserve services at an event and have cloned it to use for the next event. The services are only available during a specific multi-day timeframe with daily hours, so I had, in the past, set the availability both in the default scheduling policy and within the service itself (including "not bookable" dates that bookended the event week, and bookable "availability during these dates" with the custom hours for the event week).


However, the dates are not showing as available on the new published booking page. I've combed through the staff availability, services, and booking page itself - I can't figure out what I need to change to make the event dates bookable on the public side. This was my problem with the last booking page - it took me forever to figure out how to "ungrey" the open dates, and now I'm missing something with this one again. Any suggestions?

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