Client names not showing in appointment titles on calendar

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Many of our team are experiencing this issue, and it just hit me today too - the booking appointment on our Outlook calendar no longer shows the customer's name in the title. It still shows in the appointment if opened but not in the appointment title.


Major productivity issue - having to go into every single appointment to see who is next on your appointment list, rather than just a quick glance.


Anyone have a fix?

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My team is also experiencing this issue with our Bookings appointments. We have recently gone through and added customer names to every appointment, but this is not something we want to continue to do over the next couple of days or weeks. We are open to any fixes people find while we wait for Microsoft to address the issue.

I'm also having this issue. It started about 2 weeks ago. I'm currently looking for a resolution as well.

Same problem with us Just started happening today.
In previous testing, if you choose "maximum number of attendees" as more than 1, it wouldn't put the client's name. If you limited it to 1, it worked. Now it doesn't work regardless of the number. And this number can't be changed.
I'm seeing a lot of quirks in the last week or so. For multi-customer events, it's now putting the latest customer's information in the body of the calendar event.
We are experiencing the same problem. A work round is to edit the booking on the backend page of the bookings and save it without making any real changes. The synchronization then updates the subject field in your Outlook calendar. We have had this phenomenon in all our bookings establishments since a few days. I think it's a bug. Where can we report this? Is very uncomfortable!
We're also experiencing this situation, and is counterproductive if you're speaking about tons of customer meetings that we need to go through. Do you have any idea were we can report this functionality?

We're having the same issue. 

The same here, did you find a solution ?

Same here, we are aware of this issue since the beginning of september along with few other issues: - No email sent to the Bookings owner and no update in outlook when the client rescheduled - No internal note are shown in Outlook or Bookings calendar - Email are not formatted with the correct language, despite the page is correctly configurated - Teams link in Bookings calendar are broke (shown in plain text) and does not show correctly in email (not a button but a long hyperlink) Most of these issue are since the beginning of september for us.
I have a ticket open with Microsoft. They state they have discovered the issue and are working on a fix.
I am also having this issue...
No solution sadly. I gave up - too many bugs with Bookings. I went with a different tool temporarily but I actually like it better, and will likely give up on Bookings altogether at this point.

@calculuscat we picked a terrible month to implement Bookings, nothing but problems but at least I can tell from this and other posts here that we aren’t alone in our struggles… may I ask what other tool you’re using temporarily?

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Microsoft has stated to me the code change that caused the issue has been reverted. Should start to see issues resolved on new appointments, existing ones may still have issues.
I'll also monitor this issue and will report here the status asap.
I switched to You Can Book Me. I think I'll be sticking with it.
M team mates are also reporting that the issue seems to be resolved.


Issue seems to be resolved - I did a complete new test with a new Booking calendar and the issue did NOT appear. I saw the client names appear as it used to in the titles on the calendar. See below




I just did a test booking - the name is showing in my email confirmation, but it's still not showing on the calendar block. Granted - this was completed with the Booking calendar that has been experiencing issues, so maybe one has to create a new Booking calendar?