Change the access for a user in bookings

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Since the App Bookings is not available, I'm a user of the calendar and I can't modifie the appointments because the employee profile is in invited mode. I want to change that but I see not how. 

I've create another "employee" as administrator but I can't recover the mail adresses of the old profile. 


Is there anything to do ?  


Apologize my bad english. I'm french native. 


Thank you  and have a good day. 



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Hi, thank you for reaching out. Can you please make sure the following criteria is met for the user that is trying to login to Bookings?
1. They are added as an administrator, scheduler or team member. Users added as "Guest" won't be able to login. If the user was added with the wrong role, you can login as an administrator and change the role of the affected user.
2. They have a Bookings license assigned to them. Bookings is available as part of the following SKUs and the user should be assigned a license to one of these:

If you are completely blocked out and not able to login to Bookings at all, you can add yourselves as a super admin by following these instructions: