Change status of staff and stop email updates to admin

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I have recently set up Microsoft Bookings for my company.  I have three issues:

I am set up as an admin.  When I create a services page I do not select myself as available.  But under  STAFF, it shows my status as BOOKABLE.  Granted I do not show up as a selection on the bookings page, but I still get email updates when another team member receives a booking request.  First, I do not want to be BOOKABLE, and second, I do not want email updates when a staff member receives an appointment request.  We have about 30 staff members and that will become overwhelming.  Third, I have created an admin for each region.  I want them to receive an email when someone books an appt. with their staff.  I don't understand why they, as an admin, are not receiving the emails when I am.



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@JHalvorson Under the Business Information page, you'll probably find that its your email address there.  You need to change it to the group inbox.  This should stop you getting constant emails.  If you also manage the group inbox and want to stop getting emails for every booking, you need to turn on that setting on the Booking Form page.  You need to un-tick the box labelled Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed.


As for the 'Bookable' problem, I've tried everything I can think of to remove myself, as I'm only administering the system.  Even though I have no bookable hours, it still shows me as bookable and there's no easily apparent way to make an administrator not bookable.

@JenLaveryThank you.  I will try these corrections. I appreciate the help.

@JHalvorson Hi, I've just came up with same issue, and although a bit tedious, I've foud a working solution.


Step 1 - make some other person an administrator of this calendar (this will be temporary)

Step 2 - login as that person (or from that person computer), and remove your account from calendar (as you cannot remove your own account, you need to remove yourself from staff using some other staff account with administrator rights)

Step 3 - connect to Exchange Online powershell, and give yourself full access permission to this mailbox (Add-MailboxPermission -Identity MAILBOX_IDENTITY -User YOUR_USER -AccessRights FullAccess)

Step 4 - wait about 10-15 mins for permissions to replicate

Step 5 - log in back to bookings with your account, you should be able to manage staff for that calendar while not being present as "staff"

Step 6 - remember to change "administrator" permissions from the "temporary admin" back to whatever permissions he/she had


also @JenLavery 



I found one solution is to go to the specific Staff you don't want "Bookable" and change their hours to have all days OFF. This way they can Admin the Bookings but do not show on the list of Bookable Staff.

Have found that works on the "old" bookings experience, but if you flick the switch to "new experience" the screens all go to read-only....