Change calendar event to "free" instead of "busy" OR remove from outlook

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Hi - Using bookings for a tool library. I need it connected to my outlook calendar for the check in and check out scheduling. I do not want my outlook marked as 'busy" for the ten days the tools are checked out. Is there a way to customize how services show up on your outlook calendar?


Ideally the tool reservations wouldn't show up at all but having them automatically marked as "free" works too. I know I can manually change it afterwards but I do not want to have to drop everything to change it so people can schedule a check out time. 



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Hi @lvorona,


I am an independent advisor answering Bookings questions.


Bookings is not designed to mark an item as free or don't add it to your calendar. I suggest giving MS feedback.


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Hi @Teresa_Cyrus ! Thanks for the comment!


For anyone else trying this, my team did find a workaround. On the calendar page change or remove the email listed for Business information -> basic details -> Send customer replies to.