cant create a new page layout...

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My background is graphic and web design and desktop publishing for the past 20 years.

I got a new job that needed a site within the intranet created, but they use Share point. I never used Share point, but how complex should it be... after all I learned a whole bunch of software in my career and never had a problem.

After 2 months, I still cannot even do a single page using a basic template. I need to create a simple page layout, and its something that should take 10 minutes, but no..... cant create a page layout, cant import a layout, can't modify anything..... even with full right.

I look at video, and training, and it seems so fluid and easy! but those video are always about Share point Online... its never about the Share point 2016 enterprise network crap we have.

I am the 4th employee they hired... the previous 3 quit after 3 month, and I am slowly going into depression because of the limitation of Share point . At this point, I feel like Share point 2016 is to web designer what a typewriter is to Adobe In design.....

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