Cannot set 15 minute booking slots

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Hi all,


Hoping someone can help as this is driving me mad. I want to set up my booking page so that only 15 minute appointments are available and so are available at 15 minute intervals, e.g. 1100, 1115, 1130. 


I have set up one service only, which is of 15 minutes duration, and my default scheduling policy is that the time increments are shown in increments of 15 minutes. It keeps showing available appointments at 30 minute intervals, i.e. 1100, 1130, even though though the service is 15 minutes. 


Can anyone help? I saw a suggestion here elsewhere about changing the service to 30 minutes and leaving the increments at 15 minutes but that hasn't worked for me. 



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Agreed, this is a critical feature for the platform to be viable. In my situation, I only want appointments scheduled on the hour. I can do this in Acuity, but apparently not in Bookings.
Hi, I have the same problem and it is a bit inconvenient as we have events that start at 15 minutes past.
I have set the increments at 15 minutes but the calender on the bookings page only shows 30 minute time slots.

Did you manage to resolve the issue?

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If you go to the Booking Page -> "Default Scheduling Policy" section.  There is a "Time increments" setting that you can set