Cancellation Emails sent to all attendees in a group session if ONE attendee cancels

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It seems that all attendees receive an email if one Attendee cancels their booking making all attendees think the whole session is cancelled.


This is causing some issue with our calendars - does anyone know a way to stop the system sending cancelation emails to the all attendees on a group booking?


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@StewartSLK Here te same problem.

Booking keeps sending cancelation emails to all the attendees.

Do you have any working solution?


Having the same issue. I have seen many threads on this topic. I am hoping MS will fix this soon.

@StewartSLK I haven’t experienced this, but will be testing it now. I haven’t been using it for very long. I am also getting an issue anytime anyone looks at my booking page and doesn’t book an email is set to “email address removed for privacy reasons” which ends up failing to deliver, causing another email to be sent to me to “verify email address”. 

Same issue here. Just started diving into Bookings, it has some serious potential, but this issue here is a non-starter at the moment. Why cancel the meeting if 1 person (employee or customer) declines it?
If you want to cancel just one person in a multi-person booked appointment …
1. Open appointment
2. Click Edit
3. Click on the customers name under “Added customers”
4. Click Remove customer, twice
5. Click Back to main form
6. Click Update Booking

This is how I do it anyway :) it remove/cancel just that person, not the entire group.

@jennalis Thanks, but the issue in this thread is not how to cancel 1 attendee, it's that if 1 attendee declines the outlook meeting invite, a cancellation notification is sent to ALL attendees and the meeting is cancelled.