Cancel individual attendees in Group Booking

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Our business need is to allow more than 1 attendee within a booking slot and then pick and choose which attendee to keep, and cancel the rest. Is there a way for the admin to cancel some attendees without cancelling the whole appointment?  Currently I see there is no way to cancel individual attendees without cancelling the whole booking.  Is that a feature MS Bookings can consider?



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@HC_User We are in a similar situation. Is there an an option for the admin to cancel individual attendee from a group booking?



We also have this issue @HC_User  - Our firm is using Bookings to keep a check on capacity numbers for our offices, it's ridiculous that we are unable to remove an attendee from a service.



Have this issue as well

Same issue here. @HC_User 

having same issue, did you find a solution?

@jenjc20 unfortunately not yet. The only solution I have is to contact the individuals and ask them to cancel their own reservation. Its messy but it works, as all the people impacted are within the University (we are potentially talking 10s of thousands of users), but to date we have only had to ask 10s of users to do this to help out. I expect this to be a bigger issue for us from January 2021.

As of yesterday in our Tenant, the admin can delete individuals from a group booking :)

Hope it is rolling out to everyone else.