Can you require an attachment (document, file upload) for Bookings?

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I'm not a pro at Bookings, but like using the tool to help navigate/create calendar appointments. Is there a workaround anyone has found, that requires or allows the uploading of a file or document with new bookings in O365? I'd like the respective file to populate as an attachment in my Outlook Calendar for each new Booking made.


In transparency, I started a request for this feature (linked), but want to make sure I didn't naively overlook an existing way to do this. Is there a way anyone has found, preferably as a requirement, for a customer to attach or upload a file when scheduling a new calendar booking? Thanks in advance!



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@Heather Whaley Hi, i have same problem, do you  have find solution to this?Thanks

@Heather Whaley Did you ever get an answer for this or did you figure out a workaround?  I have the same requirement...a form would be better than a bunch of custom questions which is the route I'm heading for now.

I guess no joy for this issue? I need to ask bookers to submit a document whilst booking.
Being able to add file attachments to a Booking makes perfect sense. Too bad, no one appears to be listening here. Sigh.....
I would also love this!
Using bookings for internal training to support our L&D function. I would like to attach the agendas to go out when the booking is made, then follow-up documentation - Training guides , Post training within the follow-up email!

Seems like a no brainer for me- Shocked it's still not there or that more people aren't screaming for it.

My workaround at present is to store things on our intranet and put the link in the email but not ideal.


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Hi All,


I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


At this time attaching files functionality is not available. Your specific scenario is a great idea. Please post your idea to the feedback hub,


Then add your link in this thread so others can vote.




Attachments are not supported today but we will take a look at the feedback. A workaround for now might be to create a custom question that can be used to collect URL to a file. The user can have it uploaded on OneDrive/Sharepoint and provide the URL in the booking form.

@davisjr : it sounds complicated frankly