Can you import a variable into Microsoft Bookings?

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We often need to ask a series of qualification questions via a survey platform in advance of scheduling an interview with a research participant. While it's possible to embed the Bookings interface into the survey platform so the research participant can schedule their interview after they qualify, we have no ability to tie the Booking the research participant created to their qualification question responses, except to ask the participant to manually type their ID into a custom field or Notes section in Bookings. Is it possible to import a variable, such as an ID, into Bookings (either as a pre-populated hidden field or a custom field) so we can connect the Bookings appointment to the research participant's qualification question responses in the survey platform without asking the research participant to do the work for us?

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If you use MS forms for the survey you can include that in your bookings event for the participants to fill before the meeting. The participant will be sent a booking meeting invite including the survey and you can review responses before the meeting.