Can you daisy chain services in Bookings?

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We are a building company and have tasks that different teams need to do but some cannot start before others are finished. For example, the first team is Wall Texturing and they need 1 day.  Then, Cabinet Installing is done afterwards and takes 2 days, then Flooring Install happens and takes 3 days, etc...


I would like to use Bookings to schedule the initial task (Wall Texturing) but then have the other tasks automatically scheduled after it (Cabinet Installing, etc...) based on the end date of the previous task.  For example, if I schedule Wall Texturing for 11/2, then Cabinet Installing automatically gets scheduled for 11/3-11/4, etc...  Since some tasks take longer than expected, I also need to be able to change the end date of one task hand have that automatically update all tasks afterwards?  For example, if Cabinet Installing takes longer and I reset it to 11/3-11/5, then Countertop Install should automatically reschedule from 11/5 to 11/6.


Is this possible? An online Microsoft sales rep says it is but I started playing around with Bookings and don't see this option.

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@CanisLupis While I haven't seen service daisy chaining as an integral part of bookings. I could conceive of a workflow using MS power automate to send additional information other booking calendars or auto cancel appointments when a booking gets created by monitoring the calendar event. If you haven't seen power automate, consider that as an option for what you're trying to do. 


Thanks, I have already looked at Power Automate trying to do this with a SharePoint calendar.  I can use PA to setup the schedule based on a few users inputs in a Form easy enough, but the problem is how to automatically update tasks in a chain when one of them changes.  That's probably can be done but will take more time and learning for me to understand and we're on a time crunch.  That's why I was hoping Bookings could do it natively.   


Seems like Project is the only option that can do this, though and we don't have Project licenses.